Jack Brinkley is the Owner and Founder of Jack Brinkley Films


    Jack Brinkley is a Seattle based Director, Cinematographer, Author, and award winning Screenwriter. He has helped to create and film content for television, film, and the web. Jack is a graduate of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design in New Mexico and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Moving Image Arts.

    He currently works with Bootstrapper Studios creating content and capturing live events for local companies such as Geekwire, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Starbucks, and others throughout the greater Seattle area, as well as operating his own independent studio, Jack Brinkley Films.

    Jack loves every part of film making, and is an avid consumer of new content and new ideas. Some of his favorite films include, Chunking Express and Fallen Angels by Wong Kar Wai, The Longest Summer by Fruit Chan,  Badlands by Terrence  Malick, and Do The Right Thing by Spike Lee, as well as dozens of other films that he will gladly talk your ear off about in person.


Let's Film Together!

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