Modeling is a new experience for me, however it is something that I have found myself enjoying more and more each time that I do it. I'm also proud to say that over the last year I have been published several times in a variety of different publication. Please enjoy this small sampling of my work. Photographers:

Anne Snider - Skye Phoenix Photography, Mark Brinkley - Brinkley Photography, Rick Escalante - ​Rick Escalante Photography, Shelby Waltz - Shelby Waltz Photography, ​William Cote` - Cote` Photography, Frank Dundas - Fuel the Dream Photography

Mafioso Photographer Shelby Waltz
The Russian and His Lover Photographer M
The Russian Hunts Photographer William C
American Made Photographer Anne Snider
A 50s Date Photographer Mark Brinkley
Scouting Locations Photographer Anne Sni
The Filmmaker Photographer Anne Snider